Family Night

Food. Faith. Fellowship.

Come, join the family!

Young and old, everyone has a place around the table at Redemption. Christ is the head of our household, so on Family night we come together in the middle of our busy week to learn his word and hear from him in prayer.

We gather at 5:30pm for a meal together, then split into our kids, youth, and adult groups for formation and prayer. At 7:00pm we close and are sent out with a prayer of blessing.


Current Series:

It says in 3 John 1:4, “I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth.”

It is our goal during Family Night for each of our young Kingdom Kids to develop the tools to learn about the bible, and ignite their curiosity.

We will read the bible, ask questions, discuss thoughts, do projects, and play games together. This will be an amazing time for our Kingdom Kids to become confident in living a life rich in biblical truths.


Gina Binyon,  Children’s Ministry


Current Series:

The Redemption Institute is a semester-long course aimed at giving students a serious foundation of knowledge in the Christian Tradition and Biblical Literacy.

Together, we’ll walk students through how to think about the big questions of life: (Does believing in God make sense of the world? How do we know right from wrong?) and how the scriptures and tradition of our faith help us think about those questions.

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Joe Whitenton,  Youth Ministry


Current Series:

One of our most important responsibilities is to hand on the faith that was handed down to us. Whether we were raised in a Christian household or came to faith through evangelism, we all received our faith from someone and it’s our calling to be capable of doing the same for others.

That’s why our adult catechesis class is called Inheritance because we want to receive and learn from God’s word and the history of his Church, and also learn how to pass on that same Faith to others in our lives.  


Fr. Alex Wilgus, Rector


Current Prayer Focus:

Coming together as a family also means bringing our praises and petitions to the Lord in prayer.

Our Redemption moms meet during Family Night to pray for our kids, as they grow up in a confusing and challenging world.